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Opportunities to share experiences and expertise

Throughout my Fellowship activities it has been clear that supporters of student partnership in university decision-making are keen for opportunities to share their experiences and expertise with one another.

It has been heartening to hear workshop participants becoming so enthusiastic about the programs and tools others are using and exploring how they could adapt those ideas to their own situations.

Inspired by this enthusiasm, we have decided to promote opportunity for participants at our 1 September symposium to continue sharing their ideas with each other. We know that participants will talk to one another during breaks but we wanted to make that process more efficient.

The first thing we are organising is a workshop session during which we will have groups of staff and students concurrently providing insights and answering questions about initiatives they have been running. These concurrent sessions will be supported by a handbook summarising the initiatives.

Participants will be able to use this handbook as a resource for further developing their student partnership practices. By organising the session in this way our aim is to provide participants with opportunity to engage with projects in which they are interested, and with more projects than a series of presentations would permit. It also allows more groups an opportunity to showcase their work.

The second opportunity we are setting up is a meeting board and meeting stations to assist groups with common interests to get together at morning tea, lunch and possibly after the symposium. Participants can book a meeting place for discussing a particular interest. We will also provide an option for participants to record an interest in speaking with particular participants in the symposium possibly leaving a contact number or email address to facilitate contact.

We hope these opportunities will assist all who attend the symposium to get as much as possible from joining us there. Please email me if I haven’t contacted you particularly to share your experiences and you would like to.

Sally Varnham
17 July 2017

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