A holistic student partnership framework developed at the University of the Sunshine Coast; and huge congrats to UNE students

This continues my series of blogs about the great things that our pilot participant institutions are already putting into place (a big thank you to Rhonda Leece from USC for this account (which I have abbreviated)):

The University of the Sunshine Coast are developing a holistic Student partnership framework with the intention of having an overarching Student Senate established by 2019. To encourage authentic student engagement and to encourage students as active partners in shaping their learning experiences, they have adopted a bottom-up tiered model.  This will include Program Representatives and Student Liaison Groups across the institution at school and faculty levels.

The USC Student Partnership initiative aims to transition their students from the ‘consumer’ characterisation, to their proper recognition as representatives of the student voice and as ‘change agents’. This will assist greatly in the students’ personal and professional development in terms of the graduate attributes and in their future employability.

The great thing is that these moves are being student-driven in several phases through a Student Senate Working Party and USC is confident that the new structures will be implemented for the commencement of the 2019 academic year.

On another thing, huge congrats go to UNE student leaders Penny Leary and Koady Williams who have had a poster on their ‘Student Partnership @UNE’ accepted for the RAISE (Research, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement) Conference in September at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. The theme of the conference is Working Better Together: Collaborations in Student Engagement. Check out the program to see the wealth of valuable material coming out of that conference. We will be there and bringing the knowledge, experiences and insights back here to inform our work on the Student Voice Pilot (http://www.raise-network.com/events/conference-2018/).

Finally, I set sail on Friday first to present on Student Voice in Australia at a higher education conference in Budapest.  Such a great networking opportunity to be in Europe where the European Students Union (ESU) have long been the drivers of student partnership.  Thence to Dundee to attend a three day training event for Student Academic Representatives.  Will try to report along the way.

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