Working under the guidance of the STEPUP Principles, Student Voice Australia will develop student, staff and institutional capabilities to engage in governance and decision making processes within tertiary education institutions.  SVA sets out to achieve the following aims:
  • To strengthen institutional commitment to authentic student involvement in decision
    making and governance and develop a shared understanding of student partnership
    principles and good practice across a diversity of tertiary education settings.
  • To enhance student capacity to engage in governance and decision making structures,
    quality assurance and partnership at all levels of the tertiary education system.
  • To support institutions in developing processes, structures and activities which facilitate
    authentic student engagement with a diverse student body and strengthen the value of having a strong and informed student voice across all areas of the institution.
  • To provide a mechanism for networking and sharing knowledge, practice and experience of authentic student engagement, between Australian tertiary institutions and with comparative sectors abroad.
  • To demonstrate the value of Student Voice Australia beyond the pilot phase as a national presence to sustain and strengthen the culture of student partnership and to support and build capacity in tertiary institutions, staff and students.