Practitioner Network

The cross-institutional Practitioner Network is primarily for staff who are interested in developing a partnership approach to working with students within their institution, particularly in governance and decision making processes. The network is designed to share good practice, discuss national issues, and provide collegial support and guidance.

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Upcoming Meeting:

Upcoming session: 6 December – 1:30-2:30 (ACDT)

Theme: 2021 Reflections and 2022 Intentions: Continuing to question the status quo

Guest facilitator: Kat Clements, Program Lead, Students as Partners, Curtin University.

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Previous Meetings:

Meeting 12 – Thursday 4 November 12-1pm (ACDT)

Theme: Starting locally to develop institutional change: how to balance small, practical approaches against larger strategic goals.
Facilitators: Michaela Hosking, Manager Student Engagement and Success, and Bianca Gold, Architecture student/SRC rep, from Holmesglen TAFE.

Meeting 11 – Thursday 23 September 1pm – 2pm (ACDT)

Theme: “How to Establish a Culture of Trust and Transparency” 

Facilitators: Rachel Hennessy, Student Enrichment Officer (USQ) and Wenyu Wen, SVA Operational Group Student Representative (UNE)

Meeting 10 – Wednesday 14th April, 1pm – 2pm (AEST)

Theme: “How can student reps connect with the wider student body?” 

Meeting 9 – Thursday 18th February, 2pm – 3pm (AEST)


  • What core values guide your practice in staff/student partnerships?
  • How do you think these values enable you to meet the challenges and opportunities of 2021
  • How do these values align (or not) with your institutional values?
Meeting 8 – Wednesday December 16 2020

Theme:Building Positive and Productive Relationships with Student Unions/Associations

Facilitators: Ali Jaquet (USC) & Kate Walsh (Flinders University)

Guest Presenter: Anna McLeod (RMIT)

Meeting 7 – Tuesday November 17 2020

Theme: “What’s changed at your institution in 2020?  What are your key priorities looking ahead to 2021?  What do you want to know from colleagues that will help you harness and amplify the student voice into the future?

Facilitators: Ali Jaquet (USC) & Kate Walsh (Flinders University)

Meeting 6 – Wednesday December 10 2019

Theme: “Sorting out SSAF: discussing the challenges and opportunities”

Guest Presenters: Anna McLeod (RMIT) & Trevor Gerdsen (University of Newcastle)

Meeting 5 – Thursday October 24 2019

Theme: “Implementing and reviewing Students as Partners Governance Structure.”

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) has implemented a multi-campus, whole of institution Student Governance structure underpinned by a Students as Partners ethos, augmented to incorporate an employability framework. Our key aims are to work in authentic partnership across USC to improve the student experience, amplify student voices in governance, enable the development of key employability skills and enhance students’ capacity to translate their learning into future career pathways.

Guest Presenter: Donna Thompson (University of the Sunshine Coast)


Meeting 4 – Wednesday August 27

Theme: What does student partnership look like in your institution? How does student representation fit within a framework of partnership?


Meeting 3 – Tuesday June 11

Theme: Changing staff perceptions of student representation at the University of Queensland

As part of UQ’s Student-Staff Partnerships (SSP) initiative (formalised in mid-2018), our overall aim is to improve the quality and effectiveness of student representation throughout the University. In addition to working with the students in these roles, to achieve this also means a significant shift in the way that some academic and professional staff members think about “representation” and their roles in assisting students in these spaces. This presentation will discuss some of the ways that the SSP team are trying to implement this cultural change and the challenges that still exist.

Guest Presenter: James Forde, Student Partners Coordinator (Representation & Voice), University of Queensland


Meeting 2  – Thursday May 2

Theme: Engaging online/off campus students in shaping the quality of learning and teaching and the student experience.

Guest Presenter: Erika Cross, Charles Sturt University


Meeting 1 – Wednesday March 20

Theme: ‘Partnering with student organisations to achieve successful representation and engagement’.

Guest Presenter: Emily De Rango, Graduate Student Association, University of Melbourne