This website is an archive and is no longer active. For more information about SVA activities in 2020 head to the University of Adelaide’s Student Partnerships webpage.


Student Engagement Continuum

The following publications and resources relate to Professor Sally Varnham’s National Senior Teaching Fellowship and OLT Strategic Project.

Symposium Initiative Sharing Session

On September 1, 2017 a Fellowship Symposium was held where institutions from around the country shared their experiences and aspirations regarding creating student partnerships. The following resources outline these initiatives:

Symposium Initiative Sharing session (without appendices)

Symposium Initiative Sharing Session (with appendices)

Toolkit for embedding student partnership

One of the deliverables from Professor Varnhma’s National Senior Teaching Fellowship is a toolkit to assist institutions in developing and extending their student partnership activities.  The toolkit draws on experience from the Fellowship including examples shared by a number of institutions during my September 2017 symposium.  It also provides links to useful resources available internationally.

Toolkit for embedding student partnerships in your institution