The following blog is an archive of posts created by Professor Sally Varnham during her OLT Fellowship and in the lead up to the commencement of the Student Voice Australia pilot project. This blog is no longer active but is still available to access as a useful resource and showcase of ideas and good practice.

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Workshop program draws to an end

Between April and June we have run 7 workshops around the country involving around 250 participants from 37 higher education providers and including student representatives

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Student representation

Issues relating to true representation have received some attention in the workshops so far. It has been noted several times that the term ‘representative’ presumes

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Sustaining partnership

How do we support student partnership to ensure it is sustainable into the future?  As the idea gathers momentum, various universities are already looking at

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Embracing student partnership

I feel that concept, practice and enthusiasm for student partnership has taken a big leap after the first two workshops for the sector-wide collaboration.  We

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