The following blog is an archive of posts created by Professor Sally Varnham during her OLT Fellowship and in the lead up to the commencement of the Student Voice Australia pilot project. This blog is no longer active but is still available to access as a useful resource and showcase of ideas and good practice.

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Launch workshop

On Friday I held my Fellowship launch workshop which opened up a sector-wide collaboration towards a shared understanding of student partnership: what it is, why

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Sector-wide collaboration

This is the week we launch the Fellowship sector-wide collaboration. The aim is to reach an agreed set of principles and a framework for student

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Sparqs conference 2017

It has been very clear from the beginning of my research that the culture of student partnership in universities is becoming well embedded in sectors

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An agency supporting the sector

One of the features of student engagement in university decision-making elsewhere is the presence of sector agencies that support student engagement activities and promote student

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