Student Voice Pilot Project up and running October 22nd

We’re there! (but now the work begins …)

I am pleased to announce that the much-heralded Student Voice pilot will be up and running for one year from October 22nd.   Kate Walsh has accepted our offer of appointment as Project Officer and will be hosted by UTS.  My thanks to the Selection Committee for their work in making this appointment recommendation and to all the participant institutions for their work to conclude the agreement.

Kate comes to us from Flinders University where she has been working over the past three years as the Student Representation and Development Officer within FUSA.  She is a strong advocate for student partnership approaches to student engagement and has been working actively with students, senior managers and academics at Flinders to develop and embed these practices across the University.

Kate has considerable experience of the tertiary education sector in Australia and has developed strong networks abroad, particularly with Sparqs and NStEP (the Irish National Student Engagement Program), and has been an active attendee of the workshops and symposia held during my Project and Fellowship.  Kate has also taken part in student partnership summits and conferences held by Sparqs and the New Zealand Union of Students Associations (NZUSA).  Most recently, after she had been selected as the successful candidate, but before she could be formally appointed as the Student Voice Project Officer, Kate accompanied me to the Sparqs Student Academic Representation Train the Trainers workshop in Dundee, Scotland.

Kate is knowledgeable, capable and shares my enthusiasm for student partnership, and we are fortunate that she is able to undertake the role of Project Officer.  Welcome Kate!

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