Student Leadership Plan: Students as Partners

Kurt Cheng – University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is developing a student leadership plan that aims to increase the participation of students in governance roles. In addition, it aims to improve awareness of governance roles to the student population and as a result, provide a platform for students to know/contact their student leaders to raise matters, concerns and feedback relating to the student body.

This is a plan that I developed over 14 months of planning and consultation. Leveraging current resources and with an informed approach for implementation, the plan has since been adopted by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education & Students). The plan provides 12 key recommendations to be implemented over two years.

I wish to present this plan to the SVA Symposium to share what other institutions can do to mimic some of the recommendations in the plan. Noting that there are limitations given the plan is in the context of UTS, I intend to produce a ‘diluted’ version via a presentation that can be broadly applicable to various institutions.

The aim of the presentation is to inform student leaders and staff of what they can do to start some form of a dialogue between Senior Executive and/or Management at their institutions. It will aim to address issues from a student perspective that limit awareness of governance roles, but also participation once a student is in the role e.g. intimidation. The presentation will provide results, including where UTS is currently at with its implementation and some general evaluation of results seen in the past 3 months since its adoption e.g. increased student engagement and everyday students contacting their student leaders.