Students as Partners at Victoria University

Alice Growden, Farriz Roslan – Victoria University

We wish to present the VU’s Students as Partners (SaP) success at the Student Voice Australia Symposium. 
Students as Partners creates space for students and staff (academic or professional) to work together on teaching, learning, curriculum, and governance. As a way of thinking, Students as Partners shifts the educational paradigm of learning and teaching from something staff deliver to students to education as a shared endeavour achieved with students. 
The objective of the session to share the methods of engagements through students as partners to gain valuable representation from students in the governance of university. We will provide background, our vision and success of the program. All activities undertaken by SaP to date include facilitating online and in person network meetings surrounding conversations around governance and change. Some projects for example are:

  • Students and staff conversating about the future of VU by providing feedback for strategic planning;
  • The use of engaging software such as AnswerGarden and Padlet;
  • Contributing to VU’s mental health strategy;
  • Working with architects to design a brand new student precinct building;
  • Hosting and organising an Annual Roundtable.

This workshop will be facilitated by our students and explore the origins, key projects, student/ staff experiences and outcomes of the Students as Partners Network at Victoria University. Participants will have the opportunity to gain insight into how they can partner with students to lead to a better VU.