What participants had to say at my Fellowship symposium

It was a full house at my symposium on Friday – so exciting to have reached the quota of 120 participants with so many students there. It was great to hear of the Irish experience from Cat – hopefully we can follow their path with an Australian ‘flavour’. I thought the ‘speed dating’ session worked very well thanks to the organisers – Aaron and Ann. Everyone threw themselves into the networking and sharing of experiences of student partnership initiatives in their institutions – wonderful to see. We now need to work on the ideas which came out of the panel …

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share some of the great content from the day with you but in the meantime, check the Fellowship website www.studentvoice.uts.edu.au.

For now here are some of the tweets from the event. Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who tweeted.

Terrific to see this very practical set of guiding principles from @ozstuvox project #STEPUP#ozstuvoice – secure in governance&practice

Exciting day in Sydney for the National Framework for Student Partnership symposium in @UTSEngage #ozstuvox

To feel seen, to feel heard, and to feel understood. That’s what students want. That’s what the word needs. #ozstuvox #highered #trust

So excited @UTSEngage Sally Varnham’s #oltphoenix Fellowship on Student Partnership #ozstuvox Sellout crowd. Real impact! @UniSTARSConf

Sally Varnham at #ozstuvox, Why student partnership? One way to develop critical thinking, innovation, leadership, citizenship skills

No lack of enthusiasm + goodwill in the room #ozstuvox as there is common ground. So to invoke Geoff Scott, what are U going to do on Monday

Listening to insightful and evidence based observations at Sally Varnham’s symposium #ozstuvox on students as partners across the sector

Our fabulous Aust student leaders @CAPAPresident @NUS_President @CISA_National @natsipa_edu_au #ozstuvox And @SalVarnham Our future assured.

“If you actually want something to be sustained and enduring it has to be embedded into institutional capabilities”-SheelaghMatear #ozstuvox

#ozstuvox panel: Where to from here? Enhancement agenda is the key and @TEQSAGov has a role to play

Absolutely privileged to be elevating the future of education – where every voice counts! #StudentVoices #ozstuvox Thank you @UTSEngage !

A question from the floor: should students be on promotion panels? Be involved in uni financials? Yes! [Still full house here] #ozstuvox

Panel agreement that consultation with students is not partnership with students #ozstuvox

#ozstuvox pres of capa says most useful thing he’s been to all year – almost better that ua

@NUS_President: we need to build trust between Unis & students to transform HE partnerships with students #ozstuvox

Great to be @UTSEngage at the symposium on creating a National Framework for Student Partnership in University Governance #ozstuvox

If we want to be #fairdinkum about including students in our meetings we need to schedule them for when they can come @Oddzer #ozstuvox

Accurate, balanced, constructive, depersonalised – elements of effective student feedback. From sparqs @Oddzer #ozstuvox

4 September 2017

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